I’m Not Listening

You talk, talk, talk, talk, and keep talking. How is it that a person can complain so much, every single day, every hour, minute; every breath you take are just complaints.  Three times my age yet you ask ME for advice about every little thing. Almost as if you want me to live your life for... Continue Reading →


Pass Me a Tylenol, Please

When I say I am okay, I mean that the constant buzzing in my head has gone away.  When you see me, it means that I finally gathered the courage to leave the comfort of being in my own company.  When I appear in photos that have been posted online it means I have slain... Continue Reading →

Silent Scream

I don't believe I am wrong. But, it is hard when so many people who supposedly love you tell you that you are.  You are wrong for crying. You are wrong for being weak. You are wrong for admitting that you have a mental illness. Just because it's not visible doesn't mean it's not there.... Continue Reading →

What Sarah Said

I used to love Halloween. I still try to enjoy it, but I can't help to remember, when the day of the dead creeps up behind it.  It reminds me of that day, when they let you down and so you left us. The emotions come back hard enough to leave me out of breath... Continue Reading →

You’re so Serious

"Going to finally get that stick out of your ass?" My boss told me this one day when I told him I was going to go to a doctor's appointment.  I started a new job in March this year.  Many however don't realize that I was jobless for 6 months until I finally landed a... Continue Reading →

Sitting By Myself

Im sitting here waiting for my two sushi rolls, which I will definitely finish by myself.  I don't think it's strange, but the servers ask where is your family? Friends? I come to this restaurant frequently so they ask me again, with a stranger look, "you're by yourself?"  Like what kind of person comes to... Continue Reading →

My Brother…

I had requested the day off from work because I'm so tired. Tired of fighting. I wanted to relax and recharge. However life didn't allow me to do so.  See...I have been thinking that I might have depression. I don't want to see a doctor to confirm it but I feel like there's something wrong... Continue Reading →

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