I’m Not Listening

You talk, talk, talk, talk, and keep talking.

How is it that a person can complain so much, every single day, every hour, minute; every breath you take are just complaints. 

Three times my age yet you ask ME for advice about every little thing. Almost as if you want me to live your life for you. 

It leaves me speechless. 

Well, more like a mumble can barely escape because I’m not given the option to even finish a sentence. 

Which, in a way it’s okay since I’ll rather not speak to someone who couldn’t differentiate between a wall or human as the receiver of her complaints. It leaves me with no desire to converse.

Don’t get me wrong I love listening to people, I can even enjoy talking but it really depends on how the words react. How the emotions bounce off. If you can light that fire in me that not many achieve. 

However, is it wrong to not want to listen?

Is it wrong that the constant complaining leaves such bitterness that you no longer want to keep tasting it?

Is it wrong to get tired of giving advice to death ears?

You’re not listening.

You only talk to hear the sound of your voice. You love the drama and the tears because you want the attention not the solution, which is offered by anyone you plague with your problems. 

I am already tired as it is. I cannot keep hearing about the same issues every minute you try to squeeze in, despite being swamped with piles of work your complaining takes priority. I forget, am I supposed to be an IT intern or a therapist for this job?

I’m sure therapists get paid more, so there’s already a bigger issue here besides the constant headaches I get from the nonstop droning. 

Especially, to deal with someone who would ignore the common courtesy of leaving a person alone with both headphones in. You just don’t do this.

She has the audacity to come and tap on my shoulder while I’m subtly ignoring her. Like, that annoying song you happen to hear and now it’s stuck on repeat in your mind. 

“Me. Me. Me. Blah. Blah. Blah. Complain. Complain. Complain.”

You lost me because you talk too much but had nothing to say. 

I am no longer listening. 

I no longer care. 

So, please stop talking to me.

Photo Credit: (1995? Please feel free to reach out to me to give the proper credit for the photo, thank you.)


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